Personal Training

Why Personal Training?

Here are some reasons for having a personal trainer, just to name a few:

  • They push your limits, keep you accountable and help motivate you beyond where you would motivate yourself.
  • They teach you new things. No more letting your workout routine get stale. Our personal trainers will keep your routine fresh and your body challenged to maximize results.
  • They help you work on proper form, keeping your workout safe, balanced and effective.
  • They keep track of your progress by measuring your success and making changes accordingly to ensure you are moving forward with your goals.

QueViva Fitness Personal Trainers will help you feel good about that body you see in the mirror, prepare for an athletic event, recover from an injury or boost you to the next level of fitness. Whatever your fitness goal, our Personal Trainers are here to help motivate you to your goal success. Our trainers are well qualified and hold nationally recognized personal training certifications. Each personal trainer is motivating and dedicated to providing fitness excellence to each personal training client.

QueViva has something to fit everyone’s needs. For people with limited time to work out, enjoy our 30-minute express personal training sessions and do an hour-long workout session in half the time.  We also offer special training for active older adults, sport specific training, and for those new to fitness.

Types of Training


This is the best choice if you are new to exercising or are looking to boost your current training program. Our Personal Trainers will work with you to develop a safe and effective fitness routine. You will get one-on-one attention to make sure your fitness routine is tailored exactly for you!


An initial health assessment and fitness evaluation is free for those who purchase a package. This initial meeting allows the trainer to establish a baseline fitness level and develop a program specific to the client’s goals and needs. Follow-up evaluations are $35/session.

Package Prices
1-Hour Sessions

  • $45/session
  • $125 (3-session package)
  • $235 (6-session package)
Express 30-Minute Sessions

  • $30/session
  • $80 (3-session package)
  • $140 (6-session package)

Small Group Training

Group training provides you with peer support, encouragement, accountability and is an affordable way to work with a personal trainer. To participate in Group Training you need at least 3 people and no more than 6 people so that everyone is still able to get individualized attention. Sessions and packages vary in duration and size.

  • $75/session
  • $215 (3-session package)
  • $410 (6-session package)

*Note: These prices are divided among those in the group to make it more affordable for all.